For the Love of……..

Three years together but yet I was not the right one, Spent time with others, as I didn't fit your standard, But you lurked around 2 years later to see if I am still hung up on you, How convenient? For the Love if exes.



Happy Saturday Guys!
I hope the week treated you fair enough! My friend just penned down my thoughts in his own words (P.S he wrote this himself I didn’t help) so I guess someone else also had my thought in mind. So I am sharing this to also use my voice together with his.

I believe in my country, do not sell your voice.

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We are exactly two weeks away from choosing those that will lead us for the next two years.

We are in the unenviable position of choosing between a candidate who’s is openly nepotistic with an archaic idea of what governance should look like and another candidate whose entire career has been marred with allegations of corruption and enriching self with public funds albeit with a better economic plan than the former.

It’s weird how despite how close we are to the elections, a lot of people are still undecided on their choices. We have an apathetic middle class who will rather no vote but expect the best, an upper class who won’t be arsed to make a decision for political reasons, an uneducated but large lower class who are willing to vote but have their opinions constantly swayed by the prevailing poverty in the land.

Politics has always been about…

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Men are Scums, Men are not!

He loves me, He loves me not,
He calls me but doesn't sound excited,
He texts me and didn't seem interested,
Men are scum, Men are not!

A conversation that the whole world has on their lip,
The words that rule twitter like a virus,
The words that now defines men,
The words that have forcefully become their lifestyle,
The words that to be sincere I say and regret I ever did say.
Men are scum, Men are not.

Nigeria, My Nigeria.

Youths of today! That’s who we are, Youths termed as jobless, But we’ve got a 9-5 hustle and bustling, To fend for ourselves and sometimes families. It is mind bugging sometimes, That we have a mindset, That what we do cannot change anything, But guess what if we get up and act as a team we can change a lot. Let me take you back to an anthem you might recognize we sang only during school days and if you completed the NYSC program you also did

A Conversation with 2019

Pen and notepad in hand, I walk into this well lit 8 siting conference room(with so much anxiety and flusters) I approach the table with the a young lady leading the way. We go past the conference table and another door opens ( guess she opened it with the remote in her hand which I didn't notice till now). As we walk into the room I hear so much jubilation and turned around to see what or who was the cause of the noise but I see nothing but I smile to myself as i realised I had crossed over to a New Chapter as walked through that door. Turning back to the lady in front of me, lo and behold another conference table in front of me but this time around it was a 10sitting conference table with a very long table and well spaced seats, I was directed to sit on one end of the table.