A conversation with 2018…

A conversation with 2018


“New Year-

                 A New chapter,new verse, or just the same old story?

                              Ultimately we write it,The choice is ours”

                                                                      -Alex Morritt

DatOneLady: Hi,

My name is DatOneLady, you?

2018: Hey,

My name is 2018,

DatOneLady: Oh Really? I have been looking forward to meeting you!

2018: Oh Whoa! Are you sure or you are just saying what you tell every year?

I remember you said Image result for emoji pointing down to 2017

Sketch 3.png

DatOneLady: Image result for hands over face emojiNo i am actually so glad you finally came,everyone was talking about you!

2018: You say everyone like it’s not the routine.

DatOneLady: Hahaha! oh well true everyone is always excited to meet you and talk about you!

Well i hope you are here to be nice to me and make it the best yet!

2018: Well! i also hope you are ready to start the year right as you have the chance to start on a fresh slate and redo it better than you did with my friend 2017.

DatOneLady:  I am really working on making sure that every second, minute, hour and days are worth the while, everyone is making resolutions, talking about what they would do better and what they want to let go in this journey with you what words/advice do you have for me?

2018: Young Lady! you are you! and not other people! do what works for you if resolutions is what you want to embark on then do that, if goals are what you want to achieve then get on it, if there is a habit(s) you want to work on in this journey then get on it.

The more you worry about what people are doing the more the clock ticks and before you know the 2018 ball would be getting ready to drop.

DatOneLady: Roflmao! why would you say that it’s just the first of January 2018 that would be too fast you know?

2018: Have you heard the saying “Where did the year go it was January like yesterday” people say that alot so my dear “Make hay while the sun shines”. Write out your goals and aspirations and begin to work on them a day at a time and make sure you commit your ways to your creator because there is so much that i can do!

My only job is to give you the time and opportunity you need to get about your business and also time to rest.

I really hope you let others know about this conversation we had and i hope you are able to make do with the time you have to achieve all you intend to,

It was so nice to meet you DatOneLady.

DatOneLady: Whoa! you just opened my mind to alot and i am really grateful and hopefully i would be able to spread the word and do as you’ve said! I really appreciate you for having this conversation with me, it was very insightful! And i am looking forward to all the good things you have in store for me.


Hmm! if you were going to have a conversation with the year 2018 how would the conversation go?


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