The word…. VIABLE

The word.... Viable

Got up this morning with the plan of writing a poem that i have had on my mind for a while and haven’t had the time to write. Finished writing, but for some reason it didn’t seem to fit into my theme of post for the week.

Well like most bloggers would do, i went to Daily Prompt to get the word of the day. As i didn’t have any other ideas for the day’s post and i am trying my best not to miss my scheduled post days.

I saw the word VIABLE and then i tried to remember the first time i heard the word viable used and i remembered overhearing a medical doctor telling a pregnant woman and her husband that their 23 week old baby (embryo/fetus) was viable. I then rushed off to google to find out what the word really meant.

Apparently, According to

The word VIABLE is an  adjective and is defined as:
  1. capable of working successfully; feasible.
    “the proposed investment was economically viable”
    synonyms: feasibleworkablepracticablepracticalusablepossiblerealisticachievableattainablerealizable;

    “it doesn’t sound like a viable solution”

After reading and comprehending this i then say;

You are viable,

You are capable.

Your plans and dreams are realizable;

I promise you they are feasible.

Your goals are achievable,

And because you are a legend in the making, they are very attainable.

Your ambitions are realistic,

If you believe in it and then work towards it ,

It’s surely doable, I BELIEVE IN YOU!


Comment down below the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word viable!

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