The Making!

The Making

As the morning dawns and the dew falls,

The quiet wind blowing through trees,

Gentle sway from dark to dawn,

Reminding me, it’s a new day.


I jolt up to the sound of my alarm,

Swiping my hand across the bed in search of my phone,

Like we all do, skiming through notifications

Daily quotes, the first thing i see;

                 Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest.

                                      ‘Til your good is better, and your better is best!

                                                      – St Jerome 

Smiling, i look through the window,

The sun peeking out of the horizon,

Rays piercing to light up the dark,

The golden glow that resembles a crown,

Taped over the light blue skies.

Reminding me, it’s a new day!


Sounds of the hustling streets and chirping birds,

Chatter of early riser and late owls in the distances.

Talking and chatting, discussing and complaining,

Letters into words, words into sentences,

About their plans and disappointments,

Accomplishments and achievements.

              Carve your thinking right,

                                 If you want your day to be bright!


In shock!

Still eavesdropping!

I hear of how far they’ve all come,


My heart sinks!

Totally shaken and I wonder to myself

When would I get that far?

When would I be able to boast of my own achievements?

When would I be able to tell of how awesome my life is?


Pondering on these things,

I hear my heart tell me; LOOK BACK

On how far you’ve come,

On how well you’ve done,

On how much you’ve improved,

And tell yourself;



Comment down below; Do you compare yourself with your pairs? Do you think you are in the making?


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