What’s your Strategy?

What's your strategy

Everybody is aiming at that price,

Everyone is aiming for that goal.

Everyone is in the struggle to be known,

What’s your strategy?


So many people claim they know it all,

So many people say they have all it takes,

So many people say they have the experience,

But still they don’t stand out,

Because they lack strategy.


Strategy is not a lengthy action plan.

        It is the evolution of central idea through continually changing circumstances

                                – Jack Welch

People are asking you what’s next?

People are clamoring for your next steps?

You are freaking out!

But you forget to ask your self,

What’s my strategy?


Pick a pen, find a paper

Plug your ears, block out the noise

Find your space, and start to doodle

Step by step, word for word

Revisit your goals and the steps involved 

Strategize if you never did!

Re-analyze if you already did!

Coin your do’s and your don’ts

To fit your you and your values.

Trust me it would feel better than it does now.

Always have a strategy, Always have a game plan!

Most Importantly, Trust the process!

Without strategy execution is aimless.

       Without execution strategy is useless

                    – brandaautopsy.com


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In the Month of February we would be running a Love Series so stay tuned!!!



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