What energy did you convey in January?

So long, Farewell; January

Hello Everyone,

How are we doing today? The much awaited end of the month (January) is here. It is amazing how the year has started and now we are beginning to count down gradually a month at a time. I am sure a lot has happened for you like it has for me in the month of January. But most of all I was able to do a good job conveying positivity and good vibes into my day by speaking and acting it.

This is what january was like for me in a nutshell;

J – Joy filled because I was able to see a new year 2018 talk less of the month of January.

A – Amazed that God saw me worthy to see the break of every new day.

N – Nervous at what the remaining months of the year has for me, but I am very much expectant.

U – Unafraid of the obstacles that might come because I believe God would see me through it all.

A – Anticipating the huge testimonies that would come from the next and remaining months to come.

R – Rejoicing for friends and family that would be part of this journey including you, yes you reading this post : )

Y – You should join me be thankful for what you had, what you have and what is yet to come.


But all in all,

I am thankful,

For the past 24 hours.

I am thankful,

For the past 1 week.

I am thankful,

For the past 1 month.

I am thankful,

For the next 11 months

I am thankful

For friends, Families and my beautiful readers.

I am thankful,

Most importantly for life.


As the month of January winds down comment down below, what are you thankful for and also what energy you conveyed in the month of January?


Hey before you leave;

DatOneLady would be hosting a Love Series in the month of February on this blog titled;

Dear Future Husband and Dear Future Wife.

I am very excited about this I hope you are too.


Picture Credits; Pinterest.com

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3 thoughts on “What energy did you convey in January?

    1. Thanks meghan, you are very correct and so many people forget the need to be thankful because of one setback or the other. I am glad you agree with me!


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