A Sympathy for Love.

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday.

Unseen,unheard but always near,

So loved, so missed,so very dear.

          – Unknown

Love is not just a word,

Love is more than just a word said to a loved one.

Its more than the butterfly in your belly,

Its more than the things running through your mind about someone.


Love is that thump in your chest when you hear their voice,

Love is that unrest you feel, when you don’t hear from them.

Love is not wanting to get off the phone, even when you have only 2 hours to sleep for the next day.

Love is planning your life with them even when it seems impossible at the present day.


Everyone comes into your life for a reason,

They are either there to teach you a lesson,

Discover yourself,

Help you become a better person ,

Or build a forever with you.

– DatOneLady


Do you ever just meet that one person that checks off your criteria box,

Do you ever just meet that one person that makes the world feel like heaven.

Do you ever just meet that one person that everything just feels right with,

Even though it goes bad tomorrow at least at this moment in time it feels like it’s all okay.


Even though they eventually make you hate love, you still love them.

Even though they make you regret all the crazy words you said out of love, you still want them .

Even though you might eventually hate that you went all that far loving them,

Even though you wish you never said  I LOVE YOU

Love is never wrong no matter the situation

– DatOneLady

You appreciate them for making you feel love.

You appreciate them for making you experience companionship.

You appreciate them for making you discover this part of you.

You appreciate them for preparing you for your MR/MRS RIGHT


But I sympathize with those that have lost interest in love.

Comment down below what the word love means to you.


Picture Credit: lovethispic.com

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