Damola- Dear Future Wife Series!

Dear Future Wife


Happy Sunday Guys,

How are we doing today? If you are new here Welcome, and if you were here yesterday Thanks for coming back.

Before we get into today’s letter I decided to do a Mnemonic of Love;

L – Love yourself first!

O – Open your heart but be wise,

V – Visit that safe haven when you begin to lose control of your feelings,

E – Engulf yourself with friends and family, they radiate the best love.

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Some people are too beautiful for words a sentence would never suffice.

             –  Overlyxclusive

Hey Big Head,

I don’t know what you are up to now but never doubt the fact that I love you and I can’t wait for our paths to finally align.There are a lot of activities I have already planned for us. I can’t waIt to walk In malls wIth our hands perfectly locked in the way that only your hand can fit.

I want to binge watch your favorite serIes at midnIght with you even if I don’t get it, because being with you is the highlight of our very eventful day.I’ve always dreamt about us tucking the kids in bed very early to cuddle and fall asleep in our arms because that’s our favorite spot in the whole world.

I’ve always prayed to God to find you, quiet but fierce, strict yet caring, a great mother for our kids, a living contradiction just the way we like it. I promise to be the best father to our kids, best husband to the most amazing woman whose smile lIghts up the world. yes, you.

I promise to take you to Seychelles and make love till our backs burn, make memories with you that last a lifetime and more.

I may not be your first love,first kiss, first sight, or first date but i just want to be your last everything

– Pinterest.com

I however unfortunately am not perfect.I don’t promIse we won’t have squabbles and have arguments and sometimes have different views about the next step.I’ll sometimes be too angry to talk or forget to compliment you on that new haIrstyle you made.

However, in moments like this, promise that we’ll look back to when we fell in love again,when cupid, arrow in hand looked on in amazement as we were lost in ourselves and reconcile and build on this foundation of love that is deeply rooted in our commitment to ourselves and to God.

When we get to that age where the flames of love dies, when we have to stretch our necks to look our kids in the eyes, let’s retake our vows in front of a priest,surrounded with people who mean the most to us, our grandkids will chuckle while bearing our rings.

Dear future wife, our love will be one for the ages.

Dear future wIfe, today you are a figment of my imagination, tomorrow you’re laying on my chest, heavy breathing as Perfect by Ed Sheeran plays on our stereo as I say a prayer of appreciation to God for making the universe conspire to make me find you.

When all is said and done, I promise to do better than my words.

If you were to write a Mnemonic for LOVE what would it be?

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