I.K.B – Dear Future Wife Series!

Dear Future Wife

Hi Guys,

I hope the festivities of yesterday treated you well? Wait did you think we were done because valentines day was yesterday? Nah we have one more post, which would conclude the Dear Husband and Wife Series tomorrow.

Sad right, I know!  But hey I hope in all of this we’ve learnt there is no costume for love.If you’ve missed previous post make sure to catch up on them right below;

Tolu Martin




Damilola. L


Here is another letter from a very good friend.



When I first saw you, you took my breath away.

You still do everyday.

                             – Loveablequote.com

Dear Future wife,

Where do I begin, your MCM is in this phase of his life where he feels so grateful to God for where he is and where he is going…like I really feel blessed and thankful to God everyday of my life.

Still..Baby I battle with a lot…you see its dark inside my cupboard but God is shining his light in that cupboard….it will be lit…literally….no pun intended.

I know our love will be magical..our marriage…our kids…our home…our dreams….they will all come to pass…

Baby I am learning commitment and discipline….because..Me I don’t like what I hate…i dont want any woman to share me (your hot chocolate) with you…Baby…the final product will be lit. God is working on me…in shaping me up as a better man.

I am learning to be patient. I am learning to love more. I am learning to master the art of remaining calm in trying situations. I am learning cadence when I articulate my thoughts. I am learning eloquence. Baby i am learning how to solve complex problems using simple efficiency methodologies. I am learning to trust God with all my heart.

A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.

– Pinterest.com

Babe our kids…my goodness….my children…you (my wife)….you all will be number 1.
I actually shed a few man tears at this point.

Few days ago at work, at about 6pm, a man seated close to my desk was on a call with his little son…His son asks “Daddy, when are you coming home”. The father replies “..in about 1 hour”..the son goes on to talk about some other son stuff with this man..i smiled and started tearing up.

Because I imagined it was me…talking with you..and my son asked to speak with me…you see that feeling there was priceless…

I am looking forward to running home at the end of the day to be with you…and then to go everywhere with you by my side afterwards….because you will be my diamond….the extra beauty God will add to my life very soon.

Looking forward to the cuddle, kisses and all the other stuff which I wont type because PG 18.

Babe..i am praying for you…i hope you are praying for me too if you are reading this.

I hope you will be able to survive my fart….lol..i look forward to surviving yours…

I look forward to loving you for the rest of our lives.

Sorry I’m taking long,

Please bear with me.

I am under Godstruction

Your Future Husband.


Comment down below, what you’ve enjoyed about this series so far.

Picture Credit: http://www.cudded.com

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