Whitney – Dear Future Husband Series

Dear Future Husband

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back and I am glad/sad (its bitter-sweet) to announce we’ve come to the end of the series. This is the last post from the series, from the planning, communicating and execution of this project has been very exciting and eye-opening.

I would like to say a big thank you to God, all my friends, fellow bloggers and content creators that helped in making this series a reality. I would also like to thank all my followers and readers who have diligently followed up with the series you guys are the real MVP.

I look forward to doing more series and I hope you all are looking forward to more posts on the blog.

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Here is the last letter from a very good friend.



Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I never thought in this world I would be writing this letter but if you ever get to read this I hope it puts a smile on your face.

I know you are probably with someone else now but it’s all good cos I know you guys won’t last long (sorry but the truth hurts). I hope she teaches you to treat a lady right cos I need to be treated like a queen. I also hope she doesn’t hurt you to the extent where you don’t know what it is to love again and you don’t do the same to her too.

As I get older I fantasize on how we are going to meet and I get butterflies in my stomach like you are already here with me. There are a few things I need you to know:-

* I am not a hundred and I could be annoying at times but I will try to be your best

* I will always support your dreams and be there at your good and bad times

* I love to play a lot so be ready to be a child with me with a good sense of humor

* I love compliments and surprises so I should get that all the time no matter how little

* I promise to be your friend, lover, gist partner, bestie and companion. So this means we should be able to share anything.

* Obviously God comes first in our relationship so we have to pray together always.  I won’t lie going to church might be difficult for me but that’s why you are there to push me.

I know you have every amazing quality I am praying for, so, I am patiently waiting for you and can’t wait for the beginning of our forever.

P.S: I love you

Comment down below, what you’ve enjoyed about this series so far.

Picture Credit: http://www.cudded.com

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3 thoughts on “Whitney – Dear Future Husband Series

  1. Reading the letter from Whitney did make me feel some type of way tbh I felt true passion eluding from her words as I read. She makes clear her wishes vividly and painted a dream so crystal clear i could see and feel her desires and want with wishes for this certain dream man. More curious right now…..


    1. Thanks alot for reading, i am glad you enjoyed it. Isn’t it amazing how vivid our minds can portray what we read,and how crystal clear we tend to see what we read in our heads. I am as well but she won’t say any further lol! Thanks alot once again


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