Where is the LOVE? Do you see it?

Hi everyone,

It is the last day of February, alot has gone down and I am sure you have the same to say. All in all i hope you were able to achieve something this month?

Apart from all the ups and downs, I met an amazing poet and writer recently, after I saw her work on her brothers page,  we got talking and i asked her to write a poem bringing a fusion between LOVE and BLACK HISTORY MONTH  which was what the whole of february was about and i think she did an amazing job

Thanks a lot Oyinkan dear for writing this piece for the blog as we dim the lights down on the month of February. I really appreciate you!


Black Love is Black Wealth

– Nikki Giovanni

Come, let’s drink to our freedom

From the snares of the superior man;

Come, Let’s breathe in the air

Of equality and of brotherly Love.


I see you turn up your nose in disgust,

And throw my wine glass in the trash,

But i am your brother,

Only with a tougher, darker skin.


I see you writhe in dismay as I have

Been accepted by your kind,

But i am no animal,I feel as you do

“I love you” She says and strokes my tight curls

Her pale fingers stand out so vividly on my brown skin.

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.”

– Upile

Your eyes are on fire,

Burning with anger;

You yank her out of my arms

And tell me to stay away from her,

I only stare at you underneath my thick brows.


Oh, Cupid!

The cherub of love,

Come and tweak the heart of the stubborn ones.

Let them finally see us as one

And let not the offsprings of black and white be abominations.

Let man stand as one in the eyes of God.




Instagram: @its_lolu


Picture credit: desicomments.com

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2 thoughts on “Where is the LOVE? Do you see it?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes she is an amazing writer, so glad you are a fan. Hopefully she writes more for the blog.


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