What’s your work out routine?

Why workout

Hello everyone,

How are we doing? I hope y’all are calm and collected from the valentine frenzy! Anyway, I have been thinking of how to bring this into my blog and I am excited that I have found how.

I mean working out! We all know Cleanliness is next to Godliness and Health is Wealth! So, therefore I assume that we all make a lot of effort to eat right and do everything humanly possible to stay healthy and fit!

Today I would like to share my regular workout routine and I think it would help someone a long way! I am sure a lot of you reading now have this thought in your head “I don’t have the time to visit the gym”

Funny story you don’t have to visit the gym to work out!😳 Yes, I said it! you don’t have to visit the gym to work out!😬

Did I hear you say how do you that?

Sadly I would not be able to give all of that information in one post, but if you follow DatOnelady you would be able to get notifications because I would be dropping these tips and facts once or twice a month so watch out!

Now back to the post, my workout routine;

Firstly, why am I working out I make sure to ask myself the question and answer it reasonably if not there would be no motivation as the months go by.

I work out so as to be fit, so I can stand for as long as possible at work and be able to walk as much as possible when the need be and not lose my breadth pretty easily. I also eat a lot of junk so I would like to work out so that I don’t suffer the health consequences of bad eating which I am working on!

Why workout

Secondly, I physically prepare my self to work out daily. Did I just hear someone say how? Now before I go to bed every day I pack up and set my bags and things I need for the next day I also do that with my workout clothes, pack them into my gym bag and take them to class or work as the case may be and as long as it’s with me it reminds me about my plans to workout either before or after work & class.


pack gym bag.jpg

I know you care to read what I do in the gym and not hear me talk about it, but if you are not mentally or physically ready to workout or take care of your body it would be a hassle.

If I go to the gym what do I do?

Stretch: I am sure you’ve heard this a number of times and might not understand the importance but stretching helps to warm up the muscles for what you are about to do in the gym and prevent injuries.


Cardio: You do not have to do what everyone is doing in the gym, you could start with a stationary bike and then graduate to a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Please make sure you use this machine for 5-10 mins if you are new to it and then gradually progress.

Rome was not built in a day.


If your goal for working out was just to keep fit and not lose your breadth quickly when you do things you are all set!

Like I said you don’t have to go through all the equipment at the gym. If as you do all ☝🏽 at least 3-4 times a week and religiously you would surely notice a huge difference.

And if you want more from working out we then progress to 👇🏽

Exercises: all of ☝🏽 has just warmed your body up and ready for the next exercise;

I always advise people to start from floor exercise before they go into using machines. Starting simply with the following, mind you these are all what I think should work and not set in stone. As we all know different things work for different people. Find what works for you.

Crunches: There are different variations but it is good to start simple, 2 sets and 5 reps for beginners and increase it as you get comfortable.


Lunges: There are also several variations but it is good to start simple, 2 sets and 5 reps for beginners and increase it as you get comfortable.Lunge-Skips


Sit ups

Toe taps:

Image result for toe taps workout picture in rose gold

– Squats: Make sure you endeavor to squat properly, the wrong form brings about pain.


The number of repetitions should be based on what your strength can carry!

Always remember to stay hydrated because you lose a lot of electrolytes when you are working out!

Do you workout? And if you do comment down below what your routines are!

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Picture Credit:  Sweat.com, hipandhealthy.com, livestrong.com, crunch.com, popsugar.com, daily mail, and theepiochtimes.com

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