Happy women's day

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

– Real simple.com

Is the woman who bore me,

Is the woman who spent all the time,

teaching me to be me.

Is the woman who spent her last,

to see that I looked my best.

Is the woman who made sure I always smile.


Is the woman who wakes up to pray while I sleep,

Is the woman who comes to my bedside,

and wipe my tears when I am sad.

Is the woman who stands up for me.

Is the woman who tells me I can,

even when I don’t think I can.


A woman’s polite devotion is here greatest beauty.


Is the woman who calls me every minute,

every hour and every day.

Is that woman who calls me,

at least 5 times a day which I got used to,

And when she doesn’t I think something is wrong.


Uncompromising is the woman who birth me, she is stern, awesome and loving. The best I could have ever asked for as a mum, and I aspire to be her and do better when I become a mum.

Don’t get me wrong she compromises when the need be.

Happy International Women’s Day Mum I Love you.

From the Month of March through the Month of May, Datonelady would be doing a couple of series, Celebrating the Unsung heroes (Mothers), Letter to My Unborn Child and A Letter to the Young Man/Woman. Make sure to follow the blog, so you get a notification once the series began

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