Do you really?

Do you really relate?


When you nod your head in agreement,

Or are you just acting like you care?

Do you really relate when you smile,

saying I totally understand?


Is it just a form of nonverbal communication?

When you shake your head disagreeing with a subject your friend hates,

Or are you just trying to go with the flow, so they don’t feel alone?


What exactly do you mean when you say “I can relate”

Sometimes I wonder, what those words mean.

Do they just mean mere words to you?

Or do you truly understand the individual or the subject in question?

Do you have an experience or something you are ready to share that they could learn from?

Don’t look like you are in deep thoughts and understand me,

   whereas you are just thinking of what to eat next

         – DatOneLady

Most of our conversation nowadays end with’I can relate’.

Not understanding or able to help with the current situation.

Tell me you don’t get it and I would help you understand better.

I would not kill you.


It’s better not to know and ask for clarification,

Than claim to relate and have no idea on a way forward.

When we say our problems,

Most times it’s not because we are jobless.


We speak because we are told,

problems shared are half solved,

And if we walk up to talk,

We feel you can relate and can help.


If you don’t, and you say so,

I won’t be angry.

I would respect you!


Don’t claim to relate when you don’t.

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2 thoughts on “Do you really?

    1. Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed reading it! Well thats a very good question and I really wish all adults can for once actually say their mind or express themselves like children at times!


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