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How are we all doing today? I hope the week is treating you good, by the way did you miss me? hehe! Anyway, we are back with another series Yay! This series like the title says is the Unsung Heroes Series, I talked about it in this post.

The Unsung Heroes Series would run from the Month of March through the Month of April as we all know that Mothers day is celebrated throughout the aforementioned months in different countries and continents, we would be celebrating mothers all around the world with a post on this series every Wednesday so make sure you follow the blog and stay tuned.

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I chose my mother!

My earliest memory of my mother is one very busy Saturday morning. As usual, everyone, my elder siblings and my mother, was busy doing chores. I was still a very little girl, about 3 or 4 years old, walking around in my rectangular, rainbow-colored pant without any shirt on, my flat chest smiling broadly to the whole world.

Those were happy days jarey. Now, brassiere keeps harassing me up and down. Why did I grow up? Anyway, someone was washing my clothes in a big basin. I picked out the lightest piece of clothing my hands could find and attempted to wash. Of course, I didn’t know how to, my hands worked in an ununified rhythm, causing water to splash in all directions and in no time, I was tired.So I attempted to pose like my mother: legs apart, waist bent with my left elbow resting firmly on my left knee. It worked for a while, and then I was tired and bored and proceeded to play with the lather.

I have a terrible memory, I forget past things and find it difficult to recall insignificant events. I can only very well remember funny, scary or painful events that stand out (like that time I was so sick that I was hallucinating and thought there were people in my parent’s room calling me to come. The room was locked and I tried so hard to get in but couldn’t. (I would later learn that if I had been able to gain access to the room, I would have died. A story for another day). But the fact that I remember this particular day surprises me and I can only think of two reasons why;

First of all, my mother praised me for my actions. She laughed and then took a small bucket, put all the socks in there and asked me to wash. It is the first time I ever felt relevant or significant. It was the first time I knew that satisfaction and fulfillment are the most prized feelings. It was the first time I deliberately tried to do something worthwhile, to help. Making my mother approve something I did made me happy.

Secondly, looking back on that day makes me realize how much and how long I’ve always wanted to be just like my mother. She is my first role model. That’s why I want to love like her. She loves me unconditionally. She loves everyone unconditionally. She is the one that knows me through and through: my best state, my worse demeanor, my dirty habits and the things about me that makes her proud, even the most irritating things I do. She really knows me and still loves me and always will.
So I like to believe that I chose my mother. Because if I didn’t have her, I doubt if anyone else would have been as perfect as she is.

Happy Mother’s Day, again!

By Naijafreshgraduate
Naijafreshgraduate is a serving corps member trying to manage monthly ‘allawee’ that vanishes like blood money while struggling to keep her sanity in a really tasking PPA


Email: Naijafreshgraduate@gmail.com, Facebook, Instagram


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