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Happy Sunday people,

How are we doing today? Relaxed, motivated or not really moved, how do you feel? Well, I feel relaxed and kinda motivated and I hope you feel more relaxed and motivated than I do.

Finally, we have our last series up on the blog. The Dear Single Youth Series which would be going up every Sunday on the blog, this series is aimed to encourage all the single individuals out there trying to get through the day like myself, a number of amazing bloggers and content creators would be sharing their experiences and knowledge in hope that it helps someone, as we all know “no man is an island of knowledge” we all learn from each other.

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Dear Single ones,

Being single is not a curse or a sin. It is just a phase which can be permanent or temporary depending on the person. There are so many things you have to understand as a single person. Here are some of the points;

1. Freedom

As a single person, you are a free person. You can take a break from the pressures of relationships and freedom from commitments. You can use this time to build your emotional strength and organize yourself in every aspect of your life.

2. You are not in a bad relationship

While you are crying that you are single, you should appreciate that you are not in a bad relationship. Studies have shown that a bad relationship can affect a person’s physical health. Being single is better than being in a bad relationship.

3. Don’t dwell on the fact that you are Single.

The fact that you are single, don’t mean you should announce to the world that you are single or be depressed about it. Because you are single, doesn’t mean you are not a good person or a good lover, it just means you are not in a relationship at the moment. Go out, have fun, engage in meaningful activities. Stop moping around.

4. Awkwardness.

Don’t feel awkward around couples. Just remember that their relationships may not be as perfect as it seems.

5. Meet New people

You are single, not anti-social, go out and meet people. It helps your psychological health when you interact with other people. Who knows, you may meet a business partner, an investor or better still, a soul mate.

” Bad deeds are sweet at first but bitter at the end”

                                              – Eddie Schwaggs

6. Rejection

It can be painful when we are rejected by the ones we care about. Don’t let the fact the one you confess your feelings to, doesn’t feel the same way about you, weigh you down. It just means that the person is making way for the right person to come by. Don’t clam up because of rejection, instead, see it as a stepping stone to meet the right one.

7. There is no deadline

Though it is good to have a laydown plan of how we want our lives to be, it doesn’t mean that we should fix a deadline for ourselves to find love. Take your time, let love come naturally and at the right time. Don’t rush into any relationship because you believe the time is not on your side. Remember if you rush in, you rush out or you may stay and regret it. Let the love flow at its own pace.

8. Let go of what you can’t Control

Don’t hold on to the fact that you couldn’t make your last partner stay or the fact you have been rejected by different people. There is nothing wrong with you, there are several reasons why the last relationship didn’t work. So let go of the past and move on.

9. You are worthy of Love

You are worthy of love. Don’t for a second, think because of you are single or your past mistakes that you are not worthy of love. Love yourself which is the most important and open your heart that you are a beautiful being that can love and be loved.

10. Be A Better Version of Yourself

This is very important. You should use this period of singlehood to improve yourself in every aspect of your life. Develop a hobby or join a club. Stop mopping around on your free time dwelling on the fact that you are single. Find ways to improve your financial status. Join the gym. Do everything and anything to improve yourself, so that your soulmate will meet a better version of you. Try to stop your bad habits, make your self happy. We only have one life, don’t spend half of it, wishing or crying about past relationships.

Though Courtship and marriage are beautiful forms of human relationships, being single doesn’t have to be a stage of sadness or bitterness. It can be a place of growth in the physical, psychological, health-wise, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. So study those 10 points and act on them to have a beautiful and happy single life.

Eddie Schwaggs

My name is Eddie Andy and my pen name is Eddie Schwaggs.


Email: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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