Letter to my Unborn Child- Bethel.

Happy Good Friday Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying these few days off, which for some it’s a long weekend. I wish I had the same *sad face*.

Anyways, let’s not forget the reason for this holiday and its significance. Endeavor to participate in at least one activity to remind yourself about why Jesus died for you and me. I know it happened several years ago but he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Now back to what you clicked this link for, Letter to My Unborn Child Series! I would like to know what you think about it so far, so make sure to leave a comment below.

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To my unborn child,

The most beautiful creation ever made,

Words aren’t enough to contain the love I have for you,

I don’t even think I can fully understand what happens to my heart when I think of you,

It has never quite made sense of how someone can fully love someone she has never seen.


The little part of our lives we have spent together,

The ups and downs have been nothing but a roller coaster,

Having you in my womb,

The unnecessary kicks,

The abdominal pains,

The thought of how I am going to care for you,

The depression, stress, worry, and anxiety

All I can say is that all have been worth it.


Because of you, I have experienced a joy

I have experienced happiness and

I have experienced love.

I am sure blogging would have been extinct before you come around,

But when you are old enough you will read this.


I promise to be one call away,

I promise to always listen first,

I promise to always correct you,

I promise to try model the kind of grace and love God shows me.

Everything won’t always be perfect,

I won’t be a perfect mother either,

I will always jump to conclusion,

I will always be jealous when you spend more time with your father,

But I will always be your best friend after being your mother.


Always remember,

Never lose your faith in God,

Never give up on your dreams

Never allow anyone take advantage of you

There will be times when life will beat you up,

But remember for every fall never remain on the ground.


Make sure you care, love and respect people around you.

I will always cherish these nine months together,

Nothing and No one will ever change my love for you, but it will forever grow.



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