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Happy Easter Guys,

I hope you are enjoying time off with family and friends and celebrating the death and resurrection as he is the reason for the season. I pray the blessings, joy, and grace of this celebration abide with us all. Amen!

So, we are back with another post for the Dear Single Youth Series.

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With no further ado here is another post from a talented and funny blogger.



Dear Single Men and Women,


First of all – Introduction…. Drum rolls….. Alright, let’s bring it down. I don’t really think I am in an appropriate position to be writing this letter coming from someone who is young and single himself. But the writer in me won’t just agree but to write about something which is way way outta of my league. Can we just assume and agree to that!

That being said let’s move to the body of the letter since I have saved us the headache of asking a part of the question “who the heck is writing?”. And if you are still curious to know, read more about me here.

On Love: The best time to love is when you are young. Love yourself, accept who you are, cherish yourself and then if there is someone else worthy to share that love with, please do.

“I tell you the best time to love is when you are young and foolish, I think this is the period of our lives when we truly love”.

Not the love you get when your heart has been broken, shattered and you have eaten of the fruit in the garden. You are now wiser; your head is more in the relationship rather than allowing the tide of love to drive you. Your head does all the calculation. Can’t blame you really, you just want to play it safe and it’s just alright.

On Money: Even though money answereth all. Money and material things are not the ultimate but are essentials into making life easy for living. Plan and work on making enough of it legally and godly. Make as much as possible.

Prepare: We can never be fully prepared, but we can avoid, learn, unlearn and equip our self of all that we need to live in this sphere called earth just once in this lifetime that we have got. Mentally, physiological, socially, financially, and all the -ally that you can add. The best time to do all this is now that your head can take in everything, you’ve got the strength and vigor. What a better stage in life to prepare?

Be responsible: You see dear, you might never know what adulthood means if you haven’t taken up some adult responsibilities. Not that you should overdo, but just have a feel of it.

“Feed others to learn how to feed your family”.

You are single, yes. You have just your mouth to feed (or probably you are still being fed). Why not considering adding one or two mouths to feed. Your brothers, your sisters even your neighbor. Try to pay for your sibling school fee, see to it that they are doing well in school or take up executing a major activity in the house and see how it feels like. Maybe you’d appreciate your parent the more.

Dare: To do the impossible. Try out a new trade, a new career; in something that interests you. Dare the status quo. Dare but don’t rebel. Respect authorities and standards but don’t be afraid to challenge the standard, to debate the rules. Engage in meaningful discussion about issues that matter. Air your views when necessary, build your voice cos you are a voice to reckon with.

Self-discovery: Identify who you are. I know you know who you are in Christ, what about who you are in you.

“There is a you in you who knows you better than you”

Discover yourself, discover your temperament, discover what you like, dislike, what you can manage. It might take some time, some ‘’trial and error’’ but ensure you figure out who you are before you leave this single stage. Most times we claim to know what we want whereas, we are mostly confused about the right choice to make. Don’t be worried, it’s just alright, trust the process.

Get a Mentor: Carefully select your mentors. Personally, I think your parent should top this list. Someone you can share and discuss deep issues with, someone who would advise you on a range of topics, scold you, discipline you and tell you the truth even when it seems hard to do and take.

“Where no counsel is, the people fail; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” – Proverbs 11:14 (KJV)

Take as much advice as possible and please remember to always filter.

Others opinion: Because some persons say something that sounds meaningful does not necessarily mean they are right. Ignore as many negative opinions as possible, including this one (if its negative) it’s just from a personal perspective. It doesn’t define you, it shouldn’t define you. Your life is different.


Enjoy your singleness: Biko it’s nobody singleness. Enjoy your life and always remember that you are unique.

Like I said earlier, I am just a single young individual like you. What do I even know? So, feel free to drop your comments about this post in the comment section below.

I wish I had more to share with you – actually, we do! Remember to come back here to read from more amazing people and check out my personal space on the net to get more and connect with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you…  xoxo…


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