Unsung Heroes Series: Rose

Hi Everyone,

How are we doing today, I hope you are feeling motivated and getting through the week with that strength. Well for me, I am going through that blogger’s bubble where you get too busy with your own day to day and get too overwhelmed for the blog.

But hey, it won’t stop me from finishing up the series tho! This is the last post in this series, I have loved working with all the amazing bloggers on this series and it has been a beautiful experience of which I appreciate every one of them for it.

If you have missed any post from the other series you can catch up below;

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With no further ado here is the last post on this series from Datonelady herself.



Safe Haven

My mother, my hero,

The one that knows me better than my self.

My only backbone aside from God

You are my Unsung Hero


We have our fights

We have our squabbles,

The joy of it all is that we always come to a compromise,

You are my unsung hero.


I won’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you,

I wouldn’t be who I am today, If it was it for you,

I work really hard because I want to give you the best,

I do all, all I do because I want to make you proud.

My Unsung Hero.


Thank you for being you,

Thank you for all your sacrifice,

Thank you for all your prayers,

Thank you for giving me your last so I can be the first.

Thanks for birthing me and giving me your best qualities.


You would always be my hero Mummy!

I love you.


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