No Words!

Have you just had life hit you in ways you cant imagine!

I have tried to think,

I have beaten my self up too many times,

I have wondered why I got too busy not to ask how you were doing after our last conversation,

I am pissed at myself and I can’t even begin to fathom.


Met you several years ago in the physiology lab while I was reeling in my pain of repeating a school year.

Goofy, funny, smart and I mean really good with words.

You were a really good friend, and I don’t have the strength to state all the good deeds you have done.

I remember calling you at 2:00 am one night while I was reeling in ulcer pain

You came all the way from the boy’s hostel to carry me on your back to the accident and emergency room.


I wake up and my parents were there already,

You were different and special.

Somethings you did at times annoyed me,

But I learned over time, that you were different,

You were someone who cared a lot about others.


Put yourself before others and ensured they were fine.

You made nasty jokes that were somewhat offensive to me.

But I learnt over time that you were just being you.

I remember congratulating you on completion of your NYSC,

I remember asking you to keep up with the new found love for making videos with star maker.


I am still in shock and I still can’t believe you are really gone.

I am not writing all this cos we were the best of friends.

But I am because I feel you are pure at heart and deserved a long time on earth.

My last conversation with you on the 16th of April scared me to shits,

It was short but I worried about you.


Now I ask my self, Why in Gods name did you not check up on him after that day.

Why did you not even try to know if he was much better?

I am sorry dear friend,

I am sorry that I am part of the people you spoke about on your WhatsApp post,

Like you knew this day would come,

I am sorry I didn’t keep in touch,

I am sorry I didn’t do well to ensure you were fine,

The pain has finally ended,

I hope you are resting well.


But I wish you didn’t have to leave now!

RIP Dear Friend/ Intellectual Colleague


If you made it to the end of this post, call 5 people you’ve not spoken to in a while. It would go a long way and make sure to follow the #ReachOutChallenge


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