The Breakup Saga! Things i hate!

Happy New Month Guys,

Okay, this is a kinda rant situation but I would like to know what you all think.

This is all started after a huge life-changing breakup I would call it, it kinda took a toll  on me and I kinda refuse to go into it; but after a breakup, a number of things happen between the 2 individuals which I dislike and here are a few of them;

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA DISASSOCIATION: this is basically the first thing most people do, unfollow each other so they don’t get to see what the other person is doing or go through the emotional trauma of knowing that all your pictures are off their social media. It took me a whole year to totally do that whew! to which I tried to avoid by not even posting at all but let’s not even go there.
  2.  CONTACT DELETE: this is kinda similar to the first point but this takes longer because of the number of back and forth delete and blocking and unblocking you both would do because you’ve not come to terms with the breakup yet! I can also say that this for me also took a year and a few months to properly do mhen!
  3. PICTURE DELETE: Now this is always the toughest, you always have a stash of pictures of exes that you stumble on when you are looking through archives on your laptop. Am I right? Lol! well well, I know a few people that would delete a day after the breakup and for people like me 2 years which means it’s hard for a new person to believe you are over your ex. Wait do I have a problem? But hey, I eventually do it which is the point right Lol! hopefully, I don’t drive the good ones away.
  4. NAME AND PICTURE TRIGGERS: You finally get everything in other, tell yourself after 2 years that you are all set and ready to meet someone new and give love a change. And boom! you hear someone talk about your ex or see a friend post their pictures and you feel your knee wobble under your weight and your heart tingle a bit and all your fingers go cold. You text the person almost immediately and say hey he looks good or she looks too bomb was begging them not to say anything to them and wanting to know if they are fine. This also makes every new guy think you are not over your ex after 2 years Ha! okay now, that’s a problem.

To be sincere I don’t think it is a problem, it just happens mostly to those that fall in love and fall hard! Well, pick yourself up is what I always say and move forward and never forget if you guys couldn’t make it when you were together someone else would make it happen for you both.

Lol! I am sure you all know I am talking to myself too, I am trying.

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9 thoughts on “The Breakup Saga! Things i hate!

  1. I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes, I think that I am the only sane person in the room? But that truth might be more telling than I should share (haha). Loved your lay-it-out-there honesty! Enjoyed!!

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    I hope you don’t find me pushy… It’s not meant to be.

    Just an invitation…

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  2. Thank you so much for reading, i am so glad you love it and sure the truth also in sharing as it is in telling (smiles) nah you are not been pushy i checked out your blog also and it is a good read.

    we should get to do a collaboration soon! let me know what you think!


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