What exactly went wrong??

             It has been a minute i did a poem on here, and plan to do better in 2019. So I recently found blogger who i consider a friend (yo! Guys she is my inspiration when it comes to poem writing) her name is Mariam Shittu and her blog page is called MARIAM’s WORLD. 

               I came across her page on Instagram and have been following her for a while now, i judiciously read all her post  and i was doing so recently came across this post WAITING FOR LOVE TO FIND ME it resonated with me so well, that i asked her permission to write a response to it (P.S i love response poems or writing, i did respond to an abstract writing here in case you missed it). As it is a subject a lot of people have questions about. I would advice  you read her post first before you read mine. 

Strangers to acquaintances,
Acquaintances to friends,
Friends to pastimes or maybe lovers to be,
Then back to strangers,
What went wrong is always the question?

Guess what; that question is never answered,
What went wrong is always the question?
Guess what; not every one cares.
What went wrong is still the question.

Most times you were either a past time,
Most times you were only filling in,
Most times you were just bored when it all began,
Most times it was all a mistake or a flimsy fling.

Most times it kinda felt right,
Most times it didn’t feel right, but you went with the flow,
Most times you both were square pegs in round holes,
Most times they were okay for that time and not now,

Most times we just have to realize it doesn’t always work out,
What went wrong you ask?
I still don’t know.

But remember;
He or She fulfilled the purpose they were there at the time for;
It is left for you to;

Realize it,
Learn from it,
Move on and,
Try not to repeat it.

If you made it to the end of this, what do you think about the subject?

2 thoughts on “What exactly went wrong??

  1. First of all, you nailed it!!!! I like all the possibile reasons you gave. I hope this situation doesn’t happen to me again though. It leaves you with all these questions to provided answers to.
    It warms my heart to be a source of inspiration to you. This totally made my day.
    Thank you ❤️


    1. Thank you so much dear! 😊😊😊Thank you , I believe it won’t happen again, you gat this, you are stronger, wiser and better than you used to be 👏🏾👏🏾. Keep doing you love, you are awesome 😊.

      You are welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

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