Letter to my Unborn Child Series – Chibogu

Happy Friday Everyone,

Who is excited about the weekend? I am because the week is over and I can sleep and watch movies,i absolutely have no other plan. LOL! But hey, I am excited about seeing daddy GO this evening at a convention (My RCCG family understands what i am talking about) looking forward to worshiping like never before, its been a while.

Anyway, back to the topic like I said in an earlier post, we would be running 3 concurrent series on the blog through the month of March and the month of May. The first Series which is the Unsung Heroes Series, with new post every Wednesday has started if you missed the first post you can catch up here.

The Letter to my Unborn Child Series which would also run from the Month of March through the Month of May as we all know we are celebrating mothers throughout this period. We would also be hearing from ladies, guys, men, women, single, married and expectant writing to their unborn children, pouring out  their hearts as they feel.

This series would have a new post every Friday so make sure you follow the blog and stay tuned.

Here is a post from a beautiful content creator.



To my Unborn Child,

Flesh of my flesh, the greatest honor of all is to meet you and be entrusted with raising you in a way that would mould you into becoming an asset to our society. Baby, Words fail me as they cannot truly articulate the amount of love and compassion I feel for you.

I have known pain in this cruel world, I promise you’ll never know and I have also known peace, kindness and love; all of which you would be very acquainted with. Of a truth I cannot give you anything more important than my God. He alone has been by me all through and I know no deeper love than the love of Christ.

Of course dear one, I wasn’t entrusted with this assignment by myself I was given the opportunity to choose my partner and I’ll have you know that you’re the product of pure love so let no one ever make you feel like you’re less than what you truly are.

I promise to watch you grow and be your partner in everything.

I promise to aid you in every single decision you need to make, be it your choice of cereal in the morning or your career path.

I promise to never take you for granted and,

I also promise to bore you with all my life stories from when I was your age (I’m pretty sure you won’t get tired quickly because your mummy was something).

I love you from the depth of my soul and I truly cannot wait to meet you.

With love


Comment down below, if you adore children and you cant wait to have one. If you have one share your experience.

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